Planting New Seeds in the New Year

We open now to the way of the magi, wise ones not afraid to journey across the borders and boundaries that mark the territory of the tribe to what Spirit is doing in another country, another tradition, and with other people.
We learn to lay our gifts before the Gift of God, to follow the bright and beckoning star of our future across deserts of unknowing, mountainous obstacles, and valleys of despair to make an offering of our lives to the “new thing” our God is birthing in a land where we have never been.
And then, Holy One, lead us back home on the path of the star-gazing sages, choosing back roads and fresh vistas, safe from Herod’s hoard and the passport-phobic. Laden with spiritual gifts-new sounds, tastes, and sights of the star-blessed stable where you were born and the beckoning mangers where you are still being born we discover that “home” is an expanding house, as large as a cosmos, as close as our hearts. Amen
The Traveller’s Homage by Bruce Sanguin
“The body, not just the mind, holds our memories” Richard Rohr

Sacred Saturdays 9:30-Noon
Join us for our Sacred Saturday Heal Series with special guest speakers. Each month we will explore a different dimension of healing, wellness, and wholeness. Together we will journey through these profound insights, teachings, and systems that help us heal and be whole.

January 18th: Heal the Movie. Our first Saturday we will be watching the documentary “Heal” followed by discussion. This documentary is packed with insights from some the world’s most well known healers.

February 8th: The Thirteen Needs of the Two Selves. Join us as Joe Wollen teaches us about wellness, health, and wholeness from the perspective of the Asian healing arts, Taoist philosophy, and tai chi. We will learn, move, and have discussion. Joe Wollen L.Ac is a practicing acupuncturists and healer at Mind.Body.Balance

March 7th: Create a Trinity Lifestyle. Join us as Dr. Bo teaches us how to create a Trinity lifestyle. Through healthy habits in mind, body, and spirit. What does it mean to treat our body as our temple? Dr. Bo practices chiropractor at Trinity Chiropractic and Author of Create a Trinity Lifestyle.

April 4th: Ayurvedic Wellness. Join us as Maggie Pleskac teaches us the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, how to bring our medicine cabinets to the kitchen, stay well during seasonal transitions, and how to eat for your unique Dosha (type). Maggie is the owner of Milkweed Yoga where she teaches yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic wellness.
January ScheduleNoon-hour Silent Prayer – Weekdays 12:15
Lectio Divina – Thursdays 5:30pm
Contemplative Movement – Fridays 5:30pm
Worship Music – Sundays 3:30 pm 
House Church: Integral Worship – 
Sundays 4pm
Taizé Worship Service –  Sunday January 19th 6pm
December Practice: Examen
Ask to see your day through God’s eyes. Asking the Holy Spirit to guide your exploration. 

Ask God to bring to your awareness the moments today for which you are most grateful. Respond to God with thankfulness.

Ask God to bring to your awareness the moments today for which you are least grateful. Ask God for wisdom and insight. Reflect on when were you most aware of God’s presence.

Give thanks for whatever you have experienced inviting God into all your moments. Asking for wisdom for the next day.