Welcoming Lent
This month we welcome the lenten journey on Ash Wednesday. A journey that often calls us into deep prayer, deeper reflection, and a deepened spiritual life. A journey that calls us toward the resurrection. Toward the healing and transforming power of God. May you enter into the deep waters and find an abundance of grace, love, and healing that God is always and forever outpouring.

Our Sacred Saturday: Heal Series continues February 8th as Joe Wollen teaches us about wellness, health, and wholeness from the perspective of the Asian healing arts, Taoist philosophy, and Tai Chi. Joe Wollen L.Ac is a practicing acupuncturists and healer at Mind.Body.Balance

After a brief break in January Noon-hour Silent Prayer resumes Feb. 3rd. Enter into the sacred silence and invite God into your day with us at 12:15 weekdays.

Join us February 26 for a brief liturgy and imposition of ashes. All people of all ages are welcome for the meditation and imposition of ashes. We will finish our time with an optional period of silent prayer. Liturgy from 12:15-12:45 pm. Silent prayer until 1:00 pm.

** Weekly Schedule
Noon-hour Silent Prayer – Weekdays 12:15
Lectio Divina - Thursdays 5:30pm
Contemplative Movement - Fridays 5:30pm
Worship Music – Sundays 3:30 pm
House Church: Integral Worship – Sundays 4pm
Taizé Worship Service –  Sunday January 19th 6pm

Deep Water by Bruce Sanguin

We gather now like fishers with nothing to show or show off for our up-before-dawn industry, except empty nets and a down-on-our-luck mantra that we're living into.

And so when a rabbi, who knows more about wood shavings than fish scales, invites us to put out into deeper water, it is respect, and not hope, that gets us back in the boat when we'd rather be in bed.

Through him, Holy One, you invite us to put out and drop our nets into deeper water where, so far from shore, we risk the unforecasted storm.

"Go deeper," a voice as deep as our dreams beckons. "Discover the abundance that is risk's harvest. In vulnerability, discover love; in authenticity, allow intimacy; in commitment, welcome freedom."

Lead us, then, Lover of the Deep, away from the safety of surfaces, to drop our nets into the dark and mysterious waters of divine blessing. Amen

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