Turning Soil of the Earth and Soul
We have fully arrived into Spring. Easter and Lent behind us yet resurrection always and forever in front of us. Resurrection is our reality. Tulips and daylilies already wilting but other flowers emerging and yet to emerge. Those of us who are gardeners are breaking ground and turning soil in preparation for new plantings.

The COVID-19 vaccine is creating new possibilities for gathering and exiting a year plus of isolation. Lancaster County is at its lowest level of risk of transmission in over a year. Many of us are reflecting on the last year and how to move forward. What new habits and ways of being do we want to keep from this last year, what do we want to reclaim from what was lost during the pandemic. There is a sense of newness and emergence this spring reflected not only in our landscapes and gardens, but also in our lives and community. Indeed a time of great turning in Nebraska, in our communities, and our souls. 

This past Earth Day I spent some time with the Celtic spiritual practice of turning soil. Taking soil and turning it in my hands. Feeling the fecund soil move through my fingers while contemplating was grounding and prayerful. This is the turning that is always taking place, a necessary precursor to the emergence and resurrection. Emergence of newness in our lives, our communities, the fields of our gardens and our souls. But don’t forget in the midst of this turning and newness it is ok to be uncertain. Lean into God, be gentle with yourselves and others, let go, welcome God’s grace, share that grace with others, and love as God has loved us.

Find time to wonder, to just be, and maybe turn some soil,

In Person Taize @ Sunset
8:30 pm May 29th 

Rest, renew, and worship. A beautiful candlelight service of singing/chanting and brief periods of silent prayer in the tradition of Taize. Taize is a Christian worship service that began in Taize, France after WWI to comfort and bring God’s healing to returning soldiers. The service is comprised of scripture and several repetitive short songs that emphasize contemplation, healing, and worship.Social Distancing: This will be a small service of 8 stations, each station will seat one person or couple, spaced 6 feet apart on each side with 15 feet in front of each person. Natural air flow and HEPA filters will be used, face masks required. Must register to attend service to limit occupancy.Disclaimer: For the safety of yourself and others you agree to wear a mask upon entering the building and to follow stated protocols emailed prior to the event and posted on the door of the entryway of the sanctuary. With current conditions you may remove your mask when seated. Protocols may change as the event approaches following Lancaster County Directive Health Measures. Please consider your health and vaccination status before attending this event. If you or anyone in your household is sick please do not attend this event.
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Noon-hour silent prayer Weekdays 12:15pm-1:00pm: https://zoom.us/j/735301950
A 20-minute silent prayer sit with opening prayer and closing reading. No experience necessary. Lectio Divina Mondays 9:30am: Register via this link on zoom
Pray the scriptures. We read a passage 4 times with short silences followed by discussion.Contemplative Movement Fridays 5:30pm-6:30pm: https://zoom.us/j/386874404
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Worship, conversation, and contemplation. A house church style church service with Eucharist. Contemplative Conversation Sundays at 2:30 PM (The Work of the People Short Films) Register via this link on zoom
We watch films with today’s influential theologians and contemplatives gaining wisdom and finishing with a time of sharing. 
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