Marching Towards Easter Sunday
March is here and with it has come so many signs of resurrection. After brutal cold that left many of us powerless, both metaphorically and literally, the songs of birds and the warmth of the sun are welcome signs of what will soon be Spring’s emergence. On the Christian calendar we are marching through Lent towards Easter. A time when we take up practices, intentions, and discernment that cultivate our inner soil for Spirit’s emergence, for the new life that God wishes for us. Much like the seasons of the Church and the local landscapes we inhabit we too go through seasons. Harsh winters, new beginnings, times of flourish, and times of letting go. At best the Church seasons symbolize these inner movements of our spiritual journeys. The seasons of our sacred planet demonstrate them majestically and quite profoundly. 

As snow melts back and the birds sing I am reminded of this pattern that persists and gives life out of death. I see more friends and loved ones receiving the COVID-19 vaccine birthing new hope and possibilities for life beyond the pandemic. I feel my own spirit lighten and become aware of the blessings God has planted and cultivated in my own life over this dark winter. Warmth reminds me of God’s present love that wraps and enfolds me. 

Give each of these seasons its proper due. Knowing that resurrection always follows death and that you are accompanied in all of them by a most loving God. Holy week itself is a gift, honoring these seasons as we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. At Contemplate Lincoln we will contemplate this pattern through Tenebrae services that honor the holy darkness and an Easter celebration that reminds us of resurrection, hope, and new life.
Holy Week 2021 The word “Tenebrae” comes from the Latin meaning “darkness.” The Tenebrae is an ancient Christian service that makes use of gradually diminishing light through the extinguishing of candles to symbolize the events of the last two days of Jesus life.

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae
Thursday April 1st: 7:00pm
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A Tenebrae service reflecting on The Last Supper, communion, the new commandment, and Jesus’ arrest in Gethsemane. If you want to join us in communion have supplies nearby. Don’t worry about what you bring God will make use of it! Optional supplies up to 6 candles if you want to extinguish candles during our journey through the story together. 

Good Friday Tenebrae
Friday April 2nd: 7:00pm
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A Tenebrae service reflecting on the passion story. Our time will include liturgy, scripture, and silence. Optional supplies, up to 7 candles if you want to extinguish candles during our journey through the story together.

Easter Celebration: A Celebration of Hope and Resurrection through Scripture, Liturgy, Music, and Contemplation.
Sunday April 4th 11:00am
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A liturgical and contemplative celebration through Celtic inspired liturgies from Iona Abbey Community and music. We gather as a resurrection people in communion with all saints around the world on this sacred day to celebrate hope and resurrection. 
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Noon-hour silent prayer Weekdays 12:15pm-1:00pm:
A 20-minute silent prayer sit with opening prayer and closing reading. No experience necessary. Lectio Divina Mondays 9:30am: Register via this link on zoom
Pray the scriptures. We read a passage 4 times with short silences followed by discussion.Contemplative Movement Fridays 5:30pm-6:30pm:
A fun, playful, and contemplative whole body experience.House Church Sunday’s 4pm-5pm:
Worship, conversation, and contemplation. A house church style church service with Eucharist. Contemplative Conversation Sundays at 2:30 PM (The Work of the People Short Films) Register via this link on zoom
We watch films with today’s influential theologians and contemplatives gaining wisdom and finishing with a time of sharing.