Join us online for contemplation and community. So many of us who are on the contemplative path eventually get to point where we can go no further alone. The Contemplative Cathedral is a response to the inner yearning of many contemplatives for community. It looks a little like other social media platforms but it is so much more. Its a space to conspire, connect, contemplate, and our online home for all of our event info (both online & in-person), links, and groups. It also serves as a way to stay connected in-between events. We have online meetings throughout the week, Sunday activities, and 8 week session contemplative conversation groups where we learn, practice, grow, and do life together. The Contemplative Cathedral is our communal prayer for a welcoming co-created community of contemplatives learning, growing, practicing, seeking God, and doing life together. Our Cathedral is not built of stone but with our participation and communion in Christ. We look forward to building this new cathedral with you. All events are on Zoom and accessed through The Contemplative Cathedral. Join or email [email protected] to learn more. Free to join and full of love.