New Events and Happenings  
“The oldest thing you can say about God is that God is always doing something new” Rev. Paul Smith

Bring new depth and breadth to your spiritual journey by joining us for prayer, retreat, worship, and contemplation. Engage your creativity, grow in Christ, rest, and restore at Contemplate Lincoln. Do something new or revive something lifegiving this October.  
October 12th 10am-Noon
Join us for this half day retreat of contemplation and creativity. Learn and practice a meditative style of drawing known as the Zentangle (R) method with Marcia Claesson and Dori Umphreys. Enter into stillness with others and learn how creativity can be a spiritual gift and blessing. Supplies provided. No experience or artistic ability required.
November 8th & 9th                Registration $65
Do you find yourself on the growing edge of Christianity seeking deeper spiritual engagement and an evolved Christian spiritual path?

Join us for a special opportunity with Rev. Paul Smith (author of “Integral Christianity” and “Is Your God Big Enough, Close Enough, and You Enough”) and Luke Healy (Integral Christian Network). Learn about integral Christianity and how it helps us grow up, wake up, and experience God with us, in us, and beyond us. Practice whole body awakening and wespace community practice. This is a hybrid event where Rev. Paul Smith will be joining us via live webcast and Luke Healy will be joining in person. This event is part retreat, part workshop, interactive, informative, and practice based. Both Paul and Luke will answer questions and lead us in spiritual practice.
 October Schedule
Monthly Compassion Circle – 2nd Mondays 6:30pm
Contemplative Movement – Fridays 5:30pm
Noon-hour Silent Prayer – Weekdays 12:15pm
Worship Music – Sundays 3:30 pm 
House Church: Integral Worship – 
Sundays 4pm
Taizé Worship Service –  Sunday October 20th 6pm
“To speak of creativity is to speak of profound intimacy. It is also to speak of our connecting to the Divine in us and of our bringing the Divine back to the community. This is true whether we understand our creativity to be begetting and nourishing our children, making music, doing theater, gardening, writing, teaching, running a business, painting, constructing houses, or sharing the healing arts of medicine and therapy.”― Matthew Fox