November Happenings and Announcements

November is sure to be an exciting month at Contemplate. 3rd Sunday Taize, Thursday night Centering Prayer, and Bible Study all resume after taking off the month of October. Taize resumes under the guidance of Sally Ruggia-Haden a long time contemplative and United Methodist Pastor. Our Executive Director, Adam Luedtke, is attending the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto the first week of November. Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for updates and pictures. As many of you know Thomas Keating, founder of Contemplative Outreach and one of the inventors of Centering Prayer, passed away last month. There will be a memorial service and prayer vigil on November 16th that we will stream at Contemplate. More information below.

This months Speakers:
11/07 Mike Flury (UMC)
11/14 John Duling (PCUSA)
11/21 Judy Fitzgerald (DOC)
11/28 Mike Flury (UMC)
November Schedule:
Divine Hours                                                              Noon-hour Silent Prayer
   Weekdays 7am                                                            Weekdays 12:15pm
Lectio                                                                         Contemplative Conversations
   Tuesdays 6pm                                                             Wednesdays 1:30pm
Contemplative Worship Service                              Bible Study 
Wednesdays 7:30pm                                                   Thursdays 5:30pm
Centering Prayer                                                       Tai Chi
   Thursdays 7pm                                                            Sundays 7:30am
Our monthly Taize service resumes on 3rd Sundays at 7pm beginning November 18th.
Centering Prayer Group resumes Thursday November 1st at 7pm. Two back to back 20 minute sits with a meditative walk in-between.
Honestly, Contemplate Lincoln is for Everyone!
But we need your help supporting the contemplative community in Lincoln. Here’s where your dollars are going at Contemplate Lincoln. We have done significant construction to God’s house on 31st and P street to make it more accessible and to ensure it continues to stand on a strong foundation. Contemplate Lincoln is now the home of the Hartley Neighborhood Association meetings, we are a sacred space for families and neighbors to gather for funerals, weddings, and other big life celebrations. We participate in social movements that matter; Chalk about Mental Health, Tai Chi classes, the Conspire webcast, and contemplative conversations to name a few. These worldwide events aren’t happening anywhere else in Lincoln, and without your financial support the Contemplative Christian community will continue, but not in Lincoln. And that’s a big deal! Lincoln is an amazing place to live and our efforts ensure the good life we love includes Contemplative Christianity. Adam, Judy, Jodee, and John spend their energies nurturing this sacred space daily, but we cannot do it alone. If you like what you’ve seen at Contemplate, or just want to ensure places like this exist in Lincoln, Nebraska, please donate.
Giving Tuesday on November 27th is the best way to help because of matching opportunities in the morning on Facebook or our website. Also, giving and acknowledging your gift on social media helps us generate buzz that compels others to give. Harnessing the power of the Internet for good! Share a video, a post, or just tell a friend about us, “for God loves a cheerful giver.” We also accept donations on our website,, or give when you visit.

Contemplate Lincoln, a place to deepen your spiritual life, and probably save the universe. Share the gift by donating to Contemplate Lincoln on Giving Tuesday.

Thank you,
Joselyn Luedtke, Contemplate Lincoln’s Secretary of Legal and Treasury

A message from Adam: Contemplative Prayer IS for everyone
Join us Friday, November 16th at 10am to remember and honor the life of Thomas Keating. We will live stream the memorial hosted by Contemplative Outreach, St. Benedict’s Monastery, and The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC). Without Thomas Keating there would likely be no Contemplate Lincoln. Contemplatives all over the world are greatly indebted to Thomas Keating.