Centering Prayer: History, Method, & Practice
July 14th at 9am-1pm at Contemplate Lincoln
Registration: $25 includes a light lunch

Join us as Rev Don Bredthauer teaches the method, history, and practice of Centering Prayer. Grounded in the contemplative heritage of the Christian tradition, Centering Prayer is a simple method of consenting to God’s presence and transforming grace. This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to begin a contemplative practice or deepen their existing practice. Attendees are encouraged to purchase a copy of Open Mind, Open Heart by Thomas Keating.

Don is a retired United Methodist pastor in the Nebraska Conference and a Certified Spiritual Director. He has practiced Centering Prayer since 1989 and he regularly facilitates Centering Prayer retreats and classes for which he was trained and commissioned in 1995 by Thomas Keating and Contemplative Outreach.

Compassion Without Fatigue: Mindfulness, Boundaries, & Practicing Empathy
July 12th 11am-3pm at First Lutheran Church
Registration: $80 includes a light lunch

Does your work entail significant or ongoing stress? Have you ever found yourself feeling completely exhausted as a caregiver or traumatized by another’s pain? We invite you to join us for a practical, interactive, best practice training to support your own resilience.

Participants will gain a conceptual framework for:
The differences between secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, & burnout
Ways we develop secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, & burnout; & how to recover
The relationship between mindfulness, boundaries, empathy, & resilience
Participants will walk away with protective strategies:
Mindfulness practices
Tools to reinforce intra-personal boundaries
Rapid Resets to use when triggered in the moment
Practicing empathy as a skill (vs. feeling) to protect your emotional reserves
Rituals of Release for personal vitality
Sponsored by Contemplate Lincoln & Stephen Griffith of Spiritual Care and Advocacy
3 CEU applicable for most professions

Come pray the scriptures with us Tuesday evenings @ 6pm in small groups. Four volunteers read a small passage with a period of silent reflection in between each reading. Our time closes with a brief period of sharing. Instruction is provided no experience required.

Pause, restore, and renew over weekday noonhours. Silent prayer period will begin with a brief reading. We start at 12:15 and end at 12:45. Great way to invite God into your day. Beginners are welcome. Leaders available at 12:00 for guidance, questions, or instruction.

Join us for this weekly small group conversation on topics of faith. Come share your experiences and learn about God and faith from others. At contemplative conversations we practice listening as a spiritual practice. So come be heard without judgement or expectation.

Rest, renew, and worship on 3rd Sundays @ 7 with Crowned Singing Group. A beautiful candlelight service with hymns and a brief period of silent prayer in the tradition of Taize. All are welcome.

Join us for Finding Grace in the Old Testament a bible study Thursdays @ 5:30. During this six week study we will be focusing on Genesis 1-11. All are welcome!