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We here at Contemplate Lincoln meet the new year with deep gratefulness for God’s abundance. For everyone who has joined us in silence, song, word, sacrament, or prayer, thank you. For everyone who has shared their gifts and time with us, thank you. What a blessing to grow in Christ with so many special people.

As the time of advent and Christmas come to an end Contemplate Lincoln is bringing in the new year with new workshop opportunities led by our new staff member Patty Forsberg and resuming Thursday evening bible study with Judy Fitzgerald on January 10th. Come join us in seeking the peace of Christ this new year. So grateful for our staff and founders this first year at Contemplate. We are in awe of our board of directors: Joselyn Luedtke, Marvin Anderson, Peter Hass, Paul Smith, Juliet Andersen, and Adam Luedtke. We also want to mention others who blessed us with their gifts these first 8 months Andy Pappas, Stephen Griffith, Don Bredthauer, Mike Flury, Kim Morrow, Sally Ruggia-Haden, John Dulling, Kris & Brian Peterson, and Crowned. 
Enneagram Workshop Series:
Complex. Insightful. Ancient. Convicting. Compelling.NOT your ordinary personality test. Yes, you can take a test but that is not even the tip of the iceberg. With the Enneagram you will gain insight into who you are and how you got here, and maybe even why. You will learn what healthy and unhealthy changes look like, spiritual practices to move toward mature transformation. The enneagram is a life-long learning and leaning into who we are in this magnificent universe.

My favorite method of teaching the Enneagram is with a series of workshops where we can digest the massive amounts of information over time and learn from one another. We will read a book together, discover our type, maybe change our minds, savor the sacred space and learn ways to use this amazing tool.

Registration includes all 4 dates.Register

Centering Prayer Workshop:
For Beginners and Practitioners Lunch IncludedFeeling off balance? Wondering how to slow down?
Why am I so busy? Where is God in my life?

We will learn or renew the method of the practice, as well as practice together and discuss some of the difficulties of maintaining a regular practice over the long term. We will discuss the history of the Christian contemplative tradition and Thomas Keating’s understanding of the Divine Healing available to every one of us; how to let go of thoughts and the effects of a deepening relationship with God in our daily lives.

$45 includes lunch and book “Open Mind Open Heart” by Father Thomas Keating Register
New team member Patty Forsberg. Patty is a spiritual director, co-coordinator for Nebraska Contemplative Outreach and certified presenter of Centering Prayer and Welcoming Prayer by Contemplative Outreach. She is also a presenter for Boundless Compassion and the Enneagram. We are very excited about adding Patty to the team and the gfits she brings to our community.