A Fall Contemplative Conversation

Beginning the Week of September 25th, 2023

A 10 week study with 9 total meetings – Through the week of November 27th – No meetings during Thanksgiving week.

Featuring special guest, Eckhart Scholar and Contemplate Lincoln Board Member, Marvin Anderson, PhD.

In this study, we will discuss his writings, contemporary commentary on them, and other resources. We will be using a free online translation of his sermons as well as a companion book we will be announcing soon.

If you are interesting in joining, please select the group times that will work best for you by hitting the Sign Up button below.

Available Group Times – Central Time Zone
Tuesday 11:00AM
Wednesday 1:30PM
Wednesday 7:30PM
Thursday 11:00AM
Saturday 9:30AM
Sunday 12:00PM
Sunday 4:00PM

In our groups we create a safe sacred container for conversation and practice as we journey together through books on contemplation, Christianity, and spiritual growth. Through a set of shared ground rules and curiosity we learn from each other, ourselves, and the text. Many participants stick with their groups for future studies and become ongoing groups.