Spiritual Direction 

To learn more about Coaching and Direction or to see if it is right for you contact us below

Transformative Coaching: Transformative coaches act as thinking partners asking questions that uncover obstacles and dilemmas that keep you from being what you desire, from what God is calling you to be. Coaching at Contemplate will help you discern how you want to be in the world, uncovering obstacles, and inviting practices that shift your daily presence in the world. If you are stuck or just wanting to make a shift and don’t know how contact us for coaching services. Adam Luedtke Ph.D 402-802-9508

Spiritual Direction: A spiritual director works with you to pay attention to God and discern where God is calling you and working in your life. Spiritual direction is not traditional counseling but rather one Christian helping another better listen to the Holy Spirit through discernment, dialogue, prayer. If you are stuck or just wanting to take your spiritual journey deeper contact us and begin spiritual direction. Judy Fitzgerald 402-525-8027

Coaching and Direction at Contemplate Lincoln is available for a donation of $10 to $60.

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